Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10 Things...

I've been tagged in a few different question type posts on Twitter/IG and I really wanted to respond there but the thought of having to type it all out on my phone really was enough to make me think twice so I thought I would combine them. 

10 Things That Make Me Happy
1. Weekends
2. Wine
3. My Family
4. New Running Shoes
5. A Good Night Sleep
6. Vacations
7. Chocolate
8. Accomplishing a Goal
9. Traveling
10. Singing in the Car

1. I sing in my car
2. I have a fear of elevators
3. I have cut off parts of two fingers (they were reattached)
4. I played softball in the Little League World Series (yikes, it's been 20 years)
5. I would love nothing more than to make a living emcee events
6. I LOVE the show "The League"
7. I enjoy time by myself
8. I'm left handed
9. I want to own a house in Denver and California someday
10. I'm a PADI certified search and rescue diver

So it's your turn...share!!! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Running Realizations..

I am feeling really good about running these days.  Like really "I am really excited for these halfs coming up" good!  Someone asked me at work why I want to run that long and the I couldn't really explain it...I just do, we all do.  I will say that for years now I've sort of loved to dread the half marathon distance.  I could never run the entire thing let alone think about setting a PR and while I still feel like I'm a long way off from wanting to think about "improving" my time, I seemed to have crossed a mental hurdle of sorts.  I am actually looking forward to running it.

On long run days, I use to get this sense like I had this massive hill that I had to overcome...the thought of 9, 10 or more miles just seemed unimaginable, especially running by myself.  Sunday's 9 miler was no different except that feeling didn't last long at all, and I found a groove and enjoyed it.  Two weeks in a row now I found my stride at about mile 6 and at one point I literally forgot I was running.  Seriously?!  My legs were in cruise and I was just enjoying watching the sun rise and seeing all the other runners around me overcoming their own giant hill.

What's even better?! I didn't have any soreness after my run and I woke up this morning feeling fresh!  Again, that never happens.

I am in this crazy happy place with running right now and I just can't get over it.  I'll admit, I use the blog and social media as a convenient excuse to get out there and do a workout or run especially on days that I really don't want too but lately, running is SOOOO not about that.  Whether I'm telling you about it or not, just know that I'm loving every step right now.
Every cool morning or late night run
Every interval,
Every stride, 
Every shaded trail and hot road, 
Every stroller mile
Everything, all of it..
One of my favorite places right now
I had another realization, I love half marathon for exercise, but I love the 5K for sport.  Does that make sense?  It seems I have the attention span to entertain the idea of improving my 5K distance, but right now my half marathon distance is just about getting out and doing it. 

Either way, right now, running and I are buds, we love each other, we're in a hot and heavy relationship and I'm going to bask in that honeymoon feeling as long as it lasts!

Are you in love with any of your training right now?  What is the one fitness activity you would go out and do if you could do anything? 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Is it me or do we just keep trying to cram more and more into the weekend?!  This weekend was no different.  I had to take Friday off because our babysitter was off and E's preschool was closed.  That gave me a chance to head home to the small town I grew up in for a SHORT visit.  So the kids and I packed it up and took off. 

We got to see our some cousins.  The kids are so fun at this age when you get them together.  The girls are really starting to interact and I just love watching them.  Seriously, they are hilarious.  

 While the kids played, I got to sneak away and get a run in.  In 6 miles, I can run my entire town, see my relatives, run into a high school friend and stop to visit my dad; that's a productive run. 

Afterwards, E and I took off to go see my brother.  E had so much fun walking the lot.  Especially when it means getting up close at personal with a bulldozer. 
We spent Saturday getting a quick run and gym session in before cute chaos (toddler soccer).  This soccer season (if you can call it that) has been crazy.  E will go from being so disinterested that he would rather sit on the bleachers than play to the kid that breaks away from the pack, all the way to the goal, three times!!  S and I just couldn't believe it. 

Sunday started off promising, I got my run in early, 9 miles before 8 am felt great.  What wasn't so amazing was our attempt at church this week; not so cute chaos. I know I'm not supposed to wish the days away but today was one of those days where I thought that age 7 or 8 is looking better every day.  I guess not every day can be a good day in the world of parenthood. 

Family nap time seems to have reset the toddler and we are back on a good track and thinking about the week ahead.  I'm looking forward to spending sometime in the pool this week and enjoying as much time outside as we possibly can.  

Dinner this week includes: Crock-pot buffalo chicken, toasted ravioli, Grilled chicken and green beans, and probably some soup. 

OH...wait...I forgot, make sure you stay tuned....pretty awesome announcement with something in it for you soon!

How does your week look?  What are you looking forward to this week?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

High Five Friday

Wow!  Is it really Friday already?! Seriously, this week has flown.  I'm not entirely sure how it's Friday already. 

We've had a crazy week.  Workouts were pretty good. 

Sunday - I actually finished my long run early.  Yeah, that's right, crazy but I got my butt up early.  I'm not talking "get up with the sun" early, but I am talking "get up before the kids get up early".  It was a great 8 mile run.  I've been trying to pick up the pace a little and felt like I did that.  With  my run done, S and I were able to enjoy a Rams game together...kidless. 

Monday - Rest day.  My right knee was a little tender so the kids and I took the opportunity to go check out the local Y.  I have wanted to join for a long time but I just couldn't imagine paying $80 a month but my desire for a pool and more activities for the kids finally got the best of me.  So we signed this point I'm carrying two gym memberships!!  Crazy?! Yes, but I seem to justify it in my mind somehow.

Tuesday - I was crowned mother of the year.  Ok, not really.  MiniE was pretty restless Monday night but nothing to out of the ordinary.  Finally, at around 3, I went to check on her only to find she had gotten sick.  Guilt quickly got the best of me.  Ugh!  So we stayed home together Tuesday, snuggled, she slept, as you'll see in my IG pictures, and I even snuck in stroller run which she seemed to enjoy. 

Wednesday - First visit to the Y meant 3 miles of intervals and a quick dip in the pool with E.  He was so excited that I almost forgot I was paying $80 a month. 

Thursday - Day off and travel home.  Coming to see my mom and niece and nephew. 

Friday - A day at home with the kids.  I always love coming to my moms house because it is quiet.  Going out and sitting on the patio in the dark and just realize how quiet it really is.  No buzz of the city, no light, just absolute dark. It's so peaceful.  I have a 6 mile run planned and a two hour drive back home. 
Are we connected on Instagram?  Why not?!  Connect now -

This weekend is lots of fall fabulous running and family time!  I'm prepping for Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis and Rock 'n' Roll LA.  Want to run with me?  I have discount codes!  Check them out here!

Oh, get your stroller prepped and ready.  I'm hoping to have a HUGE announcement next week!  In the meantime, check out this post from earlier in the week...You Might Be a Mother Runner If..

How was your week?  What's in store for your weekend? 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Joining the Rams Fam

I am extremely fortunate to get some pretty amazing opportunities, thanks in large part to all of you who keep coming back to see what I'm up to.

One of the coolest things that has presented itself lately is a personal invite to join an ambassador program for the St. Louis Rams called the Rams Fam (#RamsFam). It's a group of local bloggers and their families that all have one thing in common....we love football and love our Rams.  I think what's so cool about this is that it is unique to St. Louis right now.  We are the first group of it's kind.  We had the opportunity to get together and go to a game on Sunday. You might have seen some pics on my IG feed.

Who would've thought that football could bring together an awesome group of bloggers (and our husbands)?!  Do you recognize anyone here? Here are just a few.  I need to get everyone else's blogs.

Danielle - Extraordinary Mommy   
Cheryl - TidyMom
Melissa - SippyCupMom
Amy - A Cup Full of Sass

The Rams set us up in a box, (just down from Jerry Jones) and served us food, lots of food, all the food available at the dome!  Every time I turned around there was something new!  The staff treated us so well.
The St. Louis Rams Staff Rock!
I was pretty excited to have gotten my long run done before the game.  I wasn't really worried about watching what I ate or drank which is good because the food options here are incredible.  We had Crown Candy BLTs, Bissinger Chocolate, Strange Donuts and so much more!

The game itself started off with a bang!  The Rams got off to a great start.  If you don't follow football, we are using our third string quarterback but he looks so good and the team seems to be responding to him.  Unfortunately, they couldn't hold on but we had an awesome time.  

I loved that we got to include our husbands and soon we will get to take the kids to a game.  E is going to freak out!  

The Rams were interested in hearing our ideas for ways they can get more involved and engaged in the St. Louis community.  They have always been a good community partner but they are very interested in expanding that. 

There is something so exciting about football.  Maybe it's because we can appreciate all the work that goes into getting game ready.  I just love it.

Check out the hashtag #RamsFam to see all the Rams Fam Fun!  If you love the Rams, check out the Lady Rams!  A great organization specifically for women that love football. Hopefully I'll have more great Rams news to share with you coming up.  I'm shooting to workout with them someday. 

Do you watch football?  What team do you root for?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

You might be a Mother Runner If...

Well here we are again.  Monday.  The start of a new week, the day we get to decide that we are going to rock this week.  No matter what gets thrown our way.  We will ROCK this week.

I feel like the optimism that I have about this week is a direct result of the fact that I had a FANTASTIC running weekend.  Ok, well..I might have gotten the date wrong of the 5K I was going to run this weekend.  For some reason I thought it was Sunday.  Why I don't know.  No one has a 5K on a sunday!  So instead of going for my 5K PR, I just ran long.  A total of 13 for the weekend.

Like most of you, a lot of what I blog about comes to me while I'm running.  Today's post is no different.  It actually made me laugh out loud as I was running by myself.  I'm sure people passing me thought I was going nuts.  Oh well, I kinda am.  So here are 15 ways to tell if you, are in fact, a Mother Runner.
You Might Be A Mother Runner If...

1. You find yourself running to the tempo of "Bob the Builder" which you can't get out of your head.
2. Your runs frequently include a stop to visit the Clydesdale that you pass on almost every run.
3. You can run, push a stroller (or a double) and open a bag of fruit chews at the same time.
4. You wake up just early enough to get out before the kids wake up (knowing they might wake up 15 minutes later but who cares, you're out!)
5. You make your grocery list on your runs
6.  You find 30 spare minutes between work and a child's practice so you sneak in a run
7.  You go for a run first thing in the morning knowing full well, a shower is NO WHERE in the plan
8.  You wear your running gear all day hoping that a chance to run appears.
9.  You would push a triple stroller carrying 3 tweens if it meant you got to run.
10. When you finally do get that shower, your not alone.
11. Sometimes you go for a run just because you know it will put your kids to sleep
12. Sometimes your runs end with family runs
13. You ask for help taking a post run picture and it's not quite right.
14. You think about what it would be like if THEY could push you in the stroller
15. Your kids climbing on you is the closest thing to stretching you get.

So those are mine. 

Your turn.  You might be a Mother Runner is...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

High Five Friday

I've been doing the High Five Friday a few weeks now and I seem to always want to start these posts with something like...

"What a week.  I'm so glad it's Friday."

What I'm realizing is that this new job is pushing me to a new level of crazy and while it's a good stress, it's still stress.  So by the time Friday rolls around, I crave a slightly slower schedule even if it is just for a couple days.  This weekend is probably not going to be that much slower but I'll get there but first a look at the week in Instagram pictures.

1.This was another travel week for me.  Three days away from my babies.  I'm remembering what life on the road is like.  Long nights, and shorter workouts.  I found myself on the hotel treadmill after 9:00 pm twice this week on the road.  It wasn't fun, it wasn't pretty but it WAS and that was good enough this week. 

2. Thursday night was my first full night home all week and E's school had a free night at the Magic House so I took the kids.  It's so fun to watch him meet up with his little buddies.  Part of me still sees him as a baby but it's nights like this that I realize that he's growing up and I'm happy to see him making friends.  His teacher gave me an awesome compliment that I don't really think I can take credit for but regardless....she said...

"E is so empathetic.  He always knows when someone is upset and he wants to fix it."

My reply: "Toddlers are pretty easy to read but I'm definitely happy to hear he cares."

Teacher: "He knows when I'm upset.  He is so in tune to feelings."

Me: ...speechless.   I love this kid.

3. At the Magic House with two toddlers, by myself, S got to go to the baseball game.  MiniE had as much fun as E did which was awesome for both of them but that made for a long night of running and chasing for me but that's just fine.  I'll take it.

4. Lots of late night running this week.  Another night of just getting it in.  It wasn't a fancy run but I did it and that's what mattered this week. 

5. This silly Halloween costume has been making the rounds lately.  It's an 18 month costume I had bought for E a couple years ago.  At the time he refused to wear it but recently they have both discovered it and wear it on occasion.  If you peruse my IG feed, you'll spot it. 

What's that?  We aren't connected on IG?  Well then we should be.  Connect here: IG Link

What's Up This Weekend?
1. A HUNT FOR A 5K PR -  I talked about it in yesterday's post but I'm going back to the 5K that started it all 10 years ago!!  My first race.  I'm going to try to beat my 5K PR.  Wish me luck and check out the playlist I put together for the race.

2. Toddler Soccer - OR as I like to call it...Cute Chaos.

3. Football - I TOTALLY forgot to tell you.  The fam was invited by the St. Louis Rams to be part of their inaugural RAMSFAM!  We are a sports family and I love my local teams and the Rams are right there.  S and I get to go to the game on Sunday, meet the amazing other families and cheer on the Rams to a win!  Follow me or follow hashtag #RAMSFAM to go to the game with me.  :)

4. Friends Wedding

5. Long run - I need a good long run this weekend.  The weather is suppose to be gorgeous and I'm craving that sense of exhausted accomplishment that comes from a long run.  

I'm sorry I haven't browsed the blog world this week.  I've had to prioritize and blog reading got pushed to the bottom but I want to get to it this weekend so do this for me...

1. Tell me what we should high five about (something you were proud of this week)
2. Leave a link to a post you wrote this week.

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