Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles - Part 1

You know those weekends you really hate to see end?  This was one of them.  S and I headed West for Rock 'n' Roll LA and our anniversary.  The weekend was so much more than the amazing time we had there.  We have family out there so we got to hang out with them in addition to an amazing race weekend.  So let's start at the top....

First off, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are amazing and they have the insider track to all the fantastic West Hollywood/LA action so Friday was mainly about getting to relax, have lunch and just chill like a local, which in LA is different from just about anywhere else I've been.  Seriously, these restaurants are busy all day and you can turn your head and see just about any famous person you can name eating right there next to you!  It's crazy but we had a fantastic day Friday just chilling.  We went to lunch at Joan's and then poked around Magnolia Bakery.  I MIGHT have had an amazing Red Velvet cupcake but you'll have to check my IG feed to see if I'm telling the truth. 

After some shopping at The Grove, we headed to eat at a place I forgot the name of but it was totally trendy and I'm pretty sure I spied a few reality tv "stars" amongst us. Can you tell how Midwest I am?!  Either way, it was great to just sit down with family and talk, it didn't matter where we were, I always love just sitting and talking but a little people watching isn't so bad either.  

Saturday was all about the expo and getting ready for race day!  We checked into our hotel downtown and headed to the expo where I was excited to meet up with members of my Team Chocolate Milk crew and browse some of my favorite brands.  Seriously, I could walk an expo all day.  I love them!

Fireman Rob, Me, Roy, Barbara, Pavement Runner 

After getting our fill of the expo, we headed back to the hotel where we spent the afternoon, relaxing poolside.  Please don't hate me for saying this but it was just nice, to be sitting there with S and not worrying about where the kids were.  It felt like we were adults again, not just parents.  There's a difference and every now and then it's good to be reminded of that.
After another amazing dinner, I laid out my clothes as we all do and because this was a Halloween race, it had a little twist to it.  Check out what I wore in my IG feed

So that's where I'll stop for now, the race itself and what came after it deserve a post of it's own.  So for now, just enjoy these special moments with my husband and I that we parents rarely get.  Visualize yourself drinking white wine and sitting poolside with the sun beating on you in that warming way.  Feel it?!  Yeah, I still do.  So enjoy it for the time being and I'll be back to tell you about the race itself soon enough!

I have to thank my husband for letting me hijack our anniversary trip for a race.  He is amazing and goes along for the ride.  I'm pretty sure one of these days I'll get him to run a half.  

Did you race this weekend?  Did you get to have any special adult moments? 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More National Stroller Running Day Fun

So last week I introduced you to National Stroller Running Day!  A day I'm super excited to be hosting with BOB Strollers, Fit4Mom, New Balance and other great sponsors! 

The event is November 8th but there is so much more going on and more ways for you to win!

On November 4th, Pregnancy Awareness will host a Twitter Party from 9:00 - 10:00 pm EST.  You can participate and talk all things health, fitness and family by following @PregAwareness and the hashtag #StrollerRun14.  The hope is that we will build our community of like minded fitness families and maybe even make a few new friends!  Some of the special guests joining us for the twitter chat include:
As if that weren't enough, every 15 minutes of the chat, there will be HUGE giveaways, I'm talking BOB strollers, Stroller Stride classes and accessories!  You won't want to miss it!

I know lots of you have shared the message of National Stroller Running Day so I wanted to get a link up going...we want to see your posts!  We want to share your posts!  So add your link!

Be on the look out for more fun as we get closer to November 8th!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis - DONE!

We now take a short break from National Stroller Running Day talk to give you a racing update!  Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis was this weekend and it couldn't have been better.

I was a littler nervous because the weather has been pretty sketchy these days and I haven't run as much as I would've liked but there was no other option.

Rock 'n' Roll made a St. Louis a remix challenge site meaning that that they added a 5K on Saturday.  After some fun at the Got Chocolate Mill Booth and all the rest of the expo fun, which E and I hit on Friday (I'll tell you more about Friday in a separate post), I prepped for the race.

Had some fun with my little man at the #rnrstl expo. I guess he was not as impressed. #teamchocolateMilk #finishstrong

Race morning came at 6:00 am when my alarm went off and I started to mentally prepare to go after a PR even though I knew this course was pretty hilly.  As I was getting my hair tied back, a blearied eye toddler came in, it took one glance at my running gear to know where I was sneaking off too.  He quickly perked up and begged to go "racing with mama".  I would've loved to tell him no but it was his birthday so I couldn't.  I shifted gears and realized it was going to be some quality time spent together (and the stroller was already in the car).

I'm pretty sure we were the only stroller there but it didn't matter, we held our own.  E even got his own medal!  I don't even know what our finishing time was, I guess I should look.  It doesn't matter we had fun, the hills did stink but the down hills were fun, I got a lot of "Wees" and "Go Faster Mama" so I pushed it as hard as I could, just to make the birthday boy happy.

Sunday morning brought crisper weather so I knew I needed to dress warm.  Mentally, I wasn't all that excited about the race.  I knew I would probably be running alone which is NO fun but I knew I needed to do it.  After checking my gear at the VIP tent, I headed to the starting line.  I did end up seeing lots of friends. 

This course is so beautiful, it really is.  St. Louis has so much to offer runners, there is so much architecture and just amazing hidden gems that you will only see running this town.  It is, by far, my favorite course.  If you ever want to run here, pick this race! 
My pace was set from the beginning and I kept it consistent, it was easy, manageable and dare I say enjoyable?! I just got lost in the neighborhoods.  I live in this city, I knew these neighborhoods but I see something new every time.  Was it a PR?  No, but I'm not really into PR'ing halfs.  I just enjoy the distance. 

After the race, I was pretty tight and hungry so I was happy to be in the VIP tent where I could get a massage and some amazing food, not to mention some pretty good drinks.

 After enjoying some amazing mac 'n' cheese, veggies and an amazing brownie, I HAD to snap a picture before heading out.
A great day to race and a great result!  I'm feeling pretty good and ready to Rock Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles next weekend.  I've never done back to back halfs so this is gonna be exciting. 

How was your weekend?  Looked like lots of races going on.  Did you race?  How did you do?

Monday, October 13, 2014

National Stroller Running Day is Coming!

I probably should have named the post a little bit more vague but I'm just too excited.  I have hinted about it on social media but it's finally time to let the cat out of the bag!
National Stroller Running Day

I have teamed up with some amazing partners to create a day dedicated to all of you who go the extra mile (pun intended) to live a healthy lifestyle.

On November 8th, people all over are invited to celebrate National Stroller Running Day.  There are so many ways to get involved:
  • Head over to RunStrollerRun and find a stroller friendly race in your area!  Sign up and enjoy with your little running buddies.
  • Set out on your own, push, pull, walk or run with your little buddies. 
  • Organize a local run and get together with your local community of runners.  Encourage everyone to bring a pack of diapers to donate to your charity of choice.
  • I'll be hosting a meet up in St. Louis.  I hope to see tons of moms there!  I'll have both a single and a double BOB for people to test drive! 
  • Sign up to participate in the next Moms-in-Training program in your area.
Snap some pictures and share your celebration on social media using the hashtag: #StrollerRun14.  Then head back here to improve your chances to win some of these amazing prizes!!

Want even more chances to win?  Save the date for November 4th at 8 pm EST.  Come join me and others in a #StrollerRun14 Twitter Party hosted by Pregnancy Awareness where we will be giving away more strollers and other must-have fitness related prizes!!  Seriously!  You are gonna be busy in early November!  More details to come on the chat soon!

Leading up to National Stroller Running Day, I'll be featuring some great tips, tricks and workouts from me and some of my other amazing blogger moms and dads perfect for you and your little running buddies!

Check out all the ways you can win below!  So many chances!  Get involved today!

HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS AND PARTNERS: BOB Strollers, Fit4Mom, New Balance and Linkoutoure!

Check out the amazing twitter chat details and link up your National Stroller Running Day post here!

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's a WIN-WIN

Everyone has it.   You know that running gear that you should pitch.  They smell.  They smell bad but you love them and the thought of living without them makes you want to cry.  So you just keep wearing them hoping that people won't notice.

I got these bottles of WIN Detergent through this SweatPink Campaign.  I was excited to try them on the super challenging smells but I thought I would try them with my normal workout gear just to get an idea of it was going to stand a chance against the tough stuff.   
After a couple loads of the typical gear, my first impression is that I didn't know my clothes were that smelly till I smelled them after I cleaned them with WIN.  I probably used a little more than I should but I put a lot of clothes in there.

First impression: GOOD STUFF!
Next it was on to the tough stuff.  I'll be honest with you.  I have a sweating issue so the armpit areas of my shirts are disgusting.  I tried something a little extra on this load.  I put a little detergent directly on the arm pit area and let it set for a second, then I threw them in the wash with the normal recommended load amount and prayed.  Prayed that this stuff was going to make these shirts wearable again.

Pulling it out of the wash I took a quick sniff and thought it as too good to be true.  It really did get rid of the smell, even in the seaming.  The shirts smelled so fresh.  I dried them and I can say I'm sitting here in that yellow shirt!  I love it and I love that it's clean!

WIN wants you to experience the WIN WIN so I'm giving away two full size bottles, just like you see in the picture above.

Ready to enter?  Let's do this!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is here!

I'm not a minimalist runner...I like some support but what I don't like is a clunky shoe.  Last year I was introduced to the Mizuno Wave Rider when the 17s came out.  There was so much I liked about the shoe so when the 18s were announced and I had a chance to get a pair through FitFluential, I jumped.

The Wave Riders have been a very popular neutral shoe and it's easy to see why.  Mizuno has adopted the Japanese concept "Hado" which is the representation of the life force in all of us.  It's easy to see how it translates into the design by looking at the progression from the heal to toe.  The shoe almost invites you to run. 

Between the Wave Rider's excellent fit and performance, I can clearly see it becoming a "go to" shoe for me.  I ran the Go! St. Louis in the 17s this year and I'll probably run the Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis in these. 

I've already run a couple times in these and I do love them but there is only one thing that I observed that I feel like I need to point out.

  • They need to be broken in a little.  The sole is constructed in such a way that it's one continuous piece which is great for creating a natural progression from heal to toe but for me it was a little rigid.  I do feel like we're adjusting to each other a little better as I get into the 20's with these shoes. 
Would I recommend that you try the Mizuno Wave 18?  I would do more than have you try them...if you're looking for a neutral shoe then you have to check these out!  Mizuno makes a great shoe and the Wave Rider 18 is just a continuation of that quality tradition.

Want to go check them out?  Head over to Mizuno Running and get ready to enjoy your #BrilliantRun
Where would you take the Mizuno Wave Rider 18s?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thinking About Spreading Some Cheer

Don't shoot me but I've been thinking about Christmas.  Yes, I know it's only October and I don't really want to wish the time away but I also don't want to be running around crazy from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  So I started thinking...

"What could I start working on now?"

Then Minted contacted me and it became clear...Christmas Cards!

Picking the design, selecting the pictures, cleaning up addresses, ordering, addressing envelopes, stamping and mailing.  All of that!

Luckily, Minted has released their new holiday designs so that I (and you) can get ahead of the game!  So I browsed and came up with my favorite designs, it took me a while since there are over 200 WELL DESIGNED styles.

So can you help me decide?  Which style do you like?
Links:  Card 1  |  Card 2  |  Card 3  |  Card 4

Also, now through 10/13 you can get 15% off and for a limited time, they have free recipient address printing!  SCORE!! Another step done! 

So let me know what you think then go check them out!  Mark it off your list early!

Shop Minted Holiday Collection here!

What item would you like to mark off your Christmas to-do list early?