Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Recap: Part 1

From a personal perspective, this was a HUGE year.  I would say Fitness, for the most part, took a huge backseat to the events of the year.  I'll go on record as saying that this is an isolated event.  Next year will be about learning...learning if and if so, how to make it all work a little better than this year.

I'm breaking this out into two recaps; the first and second half of the year.  Embedded are links back to posts that I liked or give you more insight into just what was going on.  So get comfortable, grab a drink and let's start at the top...

  • I was into my last trimester of pregnancy with MiniE and prep activities were in full swing.  I was making lists, cleaning and creating a nursery and lots of memories.  
  • I did stay active but running was not an option for me.  As was the case with E, I put the running shoes away at 20 weeks.  It just wasn't comfortable and it wasn't worth risking injury for me or MiniE.   I even got to show my baby bump off on tv
  • Pretty much more of the same.   Pregnant life was getting uncomfortable.  I was not a very good pregnant lady.  Just not my thing but I did manage to have some fun with graphics and got a DIY project in for the nursery.  
  • Something about pregnancy caused me to open up a little more about this month.  I found myself confessing and reminiscing alot.  The one year anniversary of my dad's death was at the end of January and emotions were running high. And still are.  There is a part of my heart and soul that left with him.  There are good days and bad. 
  • We were also battling sleep issues with E.  He had never slept a full night sleep for longer than two consecutive days and I knew that it had to be correct before we welcomed MiniE because I had my mind set that we would be dealing with another high maintenance baby.  So we did some sleep training.  Best decision ever.
  • I also coordinated my annual charity event, Celebrate Fitness this month.  I managed the 5K and 10K which meant being outside in the rain at 36 weeks pregnant, in the rain and 33 degree temps.  The things I'll do to try to help beat cancer.   
  • FINALLY, we welcomed MiniE into our lives and I couldn't be happier.  She has been a blessing from day 1.  She came at 38 weeks.  I also made a list for what to pack in the hospital bag.  
  • The rest of this month was really just about adjusting to life as a mom of two.  I would by lying if I said it was an easy transition for me but as you'll see, we seemed to have figured it out.  
  • I think I've neglected to mention but at this point, I'm still in grad school.  Yep.  Just pile it on.  
  • More adjustment going on here.  Hormones were running like rapids which meant a lot more opening up on what it means to be a mom.
  • By this point, E was starting to realize that MiniE was staying which lead to some issues.  He needed to adjust just like we did.  
  • I did start walking and getting my blood flowing a little this month and boy did it feel good.
  • As a lot of you probably know, the first couple months with a new baby is ALL about them but pretty soon you start to figure it out and you can start to focus a little on yourself. In June I struggled with my body image.  
  • I bounced RIGHT back after E.  Literally right back.  With MiniE, not so much and I wasn't ready to accept the new me.  I know it was still really early but my messed up head just forced unrealistic goals which lead to issues but I've come around. 
  • I started running again and we just loved being a family.
  • Oh and we finally officially finished MiniE's nursery.  
  • A month of major fitness milestones.  I ran the best race of my life early in July.  I ran my first half since 2012 and became a triathlete again.  I was on cloud 9 and feeling very good. 
  • School was ramping up for one last swift kick to the gut before graduation.
  • Motherhood was proving to be a lot more challenging but doable.  I committed to breastfeeding MiniE and am glad I did but I can tell you I had to relearn how in some ways.  
  • I also went back to work which meant adding back another role to the list and with it came more challenges.  
 Ok, so I know that's a lot but I wanted to make this a quality read.  I just love the idea of reflecting and remembering the highs and lows.  Looking back makes you realize just how much your capable of.

Next up, August through December.

What was your favorite moment from the first half of the year?  Leave a link in the comments.  I would love to read them.  


  1. Wow you have had a busy year and that was only half of it?!?!

    One of my favorite moments was February 2013 when my mom, dad, brother, husband, and I ran a local marathon relay together as a team. It was really fun to plan our legs and paces together and complete it as a family.

    1. :) That sounds awesome! I wish my family ran.

  2. Love this! What a great way to reflect! I am going to do this!

  3. You have had a big year! Welcoming another member into your family is huge, especially figuring out the dynamics with the addition of a little one. I love this opportunity to reflect at the end of the year too. Make you realize how much happened during the year!

    1. It really does. It's definitely a good feeling to look back and realize how much we've accomplished.

  4. So amazing that you had the best race of your life just a few months after having a baby! Super inspirational. My favorite moment from the first half of the year was definitely running the Walt Disney World Marathon with my husband. For the first time in six marathons we didn't care about our finish time, jogged together, stopped for photos and had a blast:

    1. What an amazing memory! That sounds like a great race!

  5. Such an amazing year and that's only the first half :)

    2013 was my year of learning. I shared my year in review today Not a first half second half recpa. One big shabang!

  6. Great year my friend! And here's to many more! <3