Friday, December 13, 2013

The Power of Love Personified in a 3 Year Old

I wrote this on my Facebook page the other day and for whatever reason it becomes more and more powerful to me every time I read it or think about it. 

E is at that age where every other thing out of his mouth is a question. "Why?" or "What's that mean?" 

I'm pretty sure I hear it 100 times a day but of all the things he asks about, never once does he question what it means to love. 

Every time I tell him I love him, he's quick to respond with "I wuv you too" and a hug. Love is the only thing this kid doesn't question. That makes me happy.

For someone who wasn't so sure I wanted to be a mom, I'm head over heals for these kids.  I love that E is so compassionate and loving.  

He can wash away a bad day with the littlest things.  He can read me like a book and knows just what to say and for a three year old, that amazes me.

Here are a few of the phrases I get to hear every day that warms my heart:

"Mommy, you're the best friend"

"Mommy, I missed you"

"Mommy, you gotta go to work, pay bills?"  My reply "Yep"  E's reply: "Ok mommy.  Wuv you, see you next weekend."  He hasn't quite got the whole concept of time.  

"Mommy, wets (aka lets) cuddle."  or "Mommy cuddle me"

As I'm getting his breakfast ready in the morning: "Oh Mommy, thank you!!"  In his most excited voice. if that weren't enough to melt your heart. E's picked up another heart melting little thing which he might have seen me do but he does it WAY cuter.  He loves to sing out loud, for everyone to hear and he is not afraid AT ALL.  

In the car, I usually sing.  It relaxes me and I am a big fan of Jason Mraz so I found myself singing "I Won't Give Up" on repeat alot.  One day, I heard something as I was singing, a soft little voice coming from the back seat was singing with me.  I stopped and just listened.  He had learned a good amount of the lyrics.  He sang loud when the music intensified.  When the song was over, he asked to sing it again.  He carries my phone when we're in Target and sings it with the song blasting on speaker.  I die every time.  

Now, if you're sitting there, trying to call me out, I have a little treat for you.  An excerpt from his last concert.  I'm not a super huge fan of sharing this because it incriminates me but just focus on his sweet little voice. Oh and the super huge cuddles I get through the entire song.  

Hope you're having a good weekend and enjoy!


  1. Adorable. Kids do make the trying time more manageable. You can get lost in their innocence. I asked my kids the other day how I can be a better mommy and what can I do to encourage them to be their best. I loved their answers :-)

  2. How sweet! Even though those 'why' questions can be exhausting sometimes, I still love them. It's such a fun age.

  3. One thing I've learned: kids don't care what your voice sounds like, they still love to hear you sing. I sing to C all the time, and even though I think I sound like a dying animal, she loves it!

    Love this post!

    1. Totally agree. He doesn't seem to care that I'm not a classical singer. :) Thanks

  4. This video melts my heart and may have made me tear up. Yes, I am a total sap! I can't help it!

  5. Awe. Thanks chica! I hope he always stays this loving and sweet.

  6. My boys aren't perfect, but they know how to deal out the affection. Lightning Kid goes on hugging sprees and Shark Boy requests to have his 'love tank' filled nightly. I know it can't last forever, but we're going to extend this 'phase' as long as possible.